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What is an mp3?

An mp3 is am audio file that plays on computers or personal mp3 players such as ipods, stereos and some tv's and dvd players.
The name mp3 is a shortened version of
MPEG-2 Audio Layer III, a patented variety of of digital audio formatting using lossy data compression. The name comes from the designers who were the Moving Pictures Experts Group.

Basically an mp3 audio file is a highly compressed version of a much larger audio files that reduces the size of the data whilst attemting to remain true to the original sound quality of the file. The compression works by cutting out the sound frequencies that are thought to be beyond ordinary human hearing therefore reducing the size of the file by not converting unnecessary parts whilst retaining much of the quality. This elimination process is called auditory masking. This technique was developed by German scientists during the 1980s
History of the mp3
Q Who invented the mp3 audio format
A Karlheinz Brandenburg

Q What year was the mp3 invented
A 1991 (the first version MPEG-1)

Q When was the first mp3 palyer made
A 1998. The Eiger Labs MPMan F10
Q What was the first mp3 song?
A Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega

Q When was the ipod released
A October 2001
      Are mp3 music
download sites legal?

Technically speaking, the only legal places to download mp3 singles and albums from legally are from official band or artists pages, licensed publisher or download stores like istores and amazon.
The numerous free mp3 download sites all have disclaimers on their websites saying that they dont physically host any of the downloadable music on their websites and that the actual mp3's come from the download pages of other websites. It is still possible to listen and download but the files come from somewhere else.
One thing for sure why this may be a bit of a questionable loophole, the artists and musicians do not get paid and any downloads made will not go towards official download charts as they are technically illegal.
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Where can I get legal mp3 downloads?
If you have problems with the free sites then there are other options. Most of them are called shops, though there are some subscription sites were you can pay a fee that enables you to downlaod a certain ammount of mp3s for free.

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